25. Government is blocking progress for local farmers in my area

Sometimes the steps you need for change can be difficult.

Myself along with several of the other farming families in my section, have come together to try and make things a little easier for ourselves.

With the constant battle we have to go through between market prices and the importing of fruits and vegetables from other countries, we are finding it tough to make ends meet. My little community of farmers wants to form a group and combine some of our land to start a marijuana farm. This would be a co-op kind of dea, and seeing as recreational and medical marijuana are both legal in our state, it should be a profitable one for all of us. When you combine the experience myself and all of the other farmers, it’s hard to deny that it won’t have success. When you also take into consideration the younger farmers that have experience in newer unit and using computerised watering systems, we are all excited that this will quickly take off. The largest issue we are all facing is the fact that our local government refuses to rezone our farmland to commercial property. Even though the land would still be used for farming, we want to offer what we produce to retailers for sale. They say this indicates more of a business as opposed to a farm. Me and my other farmer buddies are in the process of filing paperwork to find a way around the zoning law. Hopefully within the next few months, we will be able to begin operations. Some of the farmers in my section are friends with a few of the board members, so I don’t understand why they are so against this.



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