A nicotine addiction can be helped

It provides anti-inflammatory properties and can help with headaches and other pain

My husband has smoked cigarettes for over thirty years. I’m very worried about what it’s doing to his health. I hate the smell of it, the ashes and picking up stray cigarette butts in my yard. My husband has tried various methods of quitting with no success. I recently learned that CBD oil may be an effective option. Nicotine addiction is the main reason my husband struggles to quit. His addiction is triggered in a number of ways, including stress, habit and even his environment. He always has a cigarette after his first cup of coffee in the morning, after meals and when he’s driving in the car. Breaking this chain of behavior is a difficult process. I’ve learned that CBD oil may help to lessen the severity of these habitual triggers. A study was conducted on rats and showed the therapeutic potential of CBD in breaking the cycle of addiction and relapse. It also helps with cravings and nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine prompts a release of serotonin, which results in a feeling of well-being and calmness. When quitting, the lower levels of serotonin in the brain can lead to less energy, anxiety and depression. CBD oil boots the availability of serotonin, and is often used as an antidepressant. Along with improving mood, CBD oil also alleviates some of the physical symptoms of quitting smoking. It provides anti-inflammatory properties and can help with headaches and other pain. CBD oil further helps people sleep and has an energizing effect. This all sounds very promising. I’ve ordered CBD oil and am anxious to have my husband try it.

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