A trip to the marijauna farm

While the marijuana growing industry is growing rapidly, so is the interest of the public.

Numerous people want to be sure that the marijuana they are getting is grown in an eco-friendly environment. As you may be aware of, a few things every one of us are trying to avoid as a growing population is plastic waste, use of non-renewable resources, and antibiotics in our food source. As a population, every one of us have done a great deal of destruction to the planet as of late, however the lot of us are now making an attempt to reverse this destruction by reducing the use of these items. Numerous people have banned single use plastic in eating establishments, and they are not above banning it on our pot farms as well. A single plant can require up to 3 bags of potting soil. Many of these soils are sold in plastic bags! If marijuna farmers were to get their soil in individual bags, they would certainly never hear the end of it. Many marijuana cultivation companies outsource their soil who are able to supply the soil by the truckloads. Most of this soil is composted from biodegradable foods, thus naturally fertilizing the soil they use for growing cannabis. My nieces’ 7th grade class decided to take a field trip to a pot farm where they got to learn the basics of growing marijuana and all the time and toil that is involved with it. Although they are incredibly young, I guess this is a really nice experience for the students and I sincerely hope that it sheds some light on the eco-friendly nature of growing cannabis.
Marijuana cultivation