Backup generator costs us $5,000

I easily labor for an easily sizable commercial medical marijuana business.

  • Both of us easily have thousands of property Acres inside a mountainous area.

Our grow room facility is 100000 Square ft. Both of us Harvest, grow, in addition to cultivate many thousands of pounds of marijuana during each harvest season. At more than one time, we have various bizarre read houses in addition to small for rooms working at the same exact time. In order for us to have production running smoothly, each grow room in addition to medical marijuana facility has a generator. Those generators are sizable enough that they can control our water, lights, in addition to ventilation equipment. During the last month, our own region had a giant thunderstorm cell. We received rain for various afternoon straight, in addition to the fact that our power was out in the Indica grow room. The generator didn’t automatically come on, because it didn’t seem to labor officially. We easily found out that our backup generator wasn’t working. By this time, the humidity in addition to heat destroyed most of the heart. We lost at least $5,000 worth of small plants, just because our generator failed. The business owner consulted with the generator manufacturer, because the general D was under a warranty. The business offered to replace everything, but both of us still have no method why the generator failed in the first place. At least our insurance covered all of the losses. Maybe this type of generator problems happens frequently in the business and that’s just something I don’t know.


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