Being cautious with grow rooms for privacy and security reasons

Even though marijuana is still illegal in many places, people still need their low cost access to this wonderful medicine.

Not all people can just wait around for their state to pass reasonable marijauna laws, so they take matters into their own hands in most cases. I certainly am not recommending that anybody do this, but if you did, you should be extra cautious. If you are setting up a grow room in your home, even in a place where it is legal, there might be privacy or security concerns as well. You might not want your neighbors coming over to visit and then judge you when they smell marijuana in your home. Even in the states where marijuana is perfectly legal, you still can be judged by people. You will want to pay attention to your energy bills. If you have a huge energy bill spike and it is constant, electric companies and police will see this as a suspicious thing. They might come to your home to question you about what’s going on. You might claim that more people are living in your home or you are using window A/C units or portable heaters. Never let the police into your home to check things out. You also want to be careful about the smell of the marijuana plants. You should use some type of odor control. Some people use charcoal filters which are very effective in eliminating the smell. You can also use things like ozone generators. A really good air purification system would also be a great idea. Always be careful about where you have your grow room, you don’t want visitors like repair workers to stumble upon your marijuana garden. These are just a few things to think about if you want to keep your privacy and security.


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