CBD and THC prove successful as cancer treatment

My cousin was diagnosed with cancer last winter.

He was struggling to fight this terrible disease.

I asked him about using cannabis as a treatment. He admitted that he was interested. When he’d mentioned the possibility to his doctor, he was told to stick to more conventional medicine. However, this wasn’t working and he was suffering terrible nausea and other side effects. I told him that I’d been looking into cannabis and there were lots of inspiring stories. Cannabis is entirely natural. There’s no harmful side effects. It’s not addictive. And it’s been proving effective in the treatment of various types of cancer, often getting rid of it entirely. I’m not a medical professional but the many studies and success stories convinced me that my cousin should give it a try. The use of THC in partnership with CBD has been gaining popularity. There are many benefits from this type of treatment. My cousin agree that he should at least try it. He and I paid a visit to a medical cannabis dispensary. We spoke with the budtender and got recommendations. He was extremely helpful to us. He said that many of the clients of the dispensary were treating their cancer successfully through the use of cannabis oil. My cousin purchased CBD oil and THC oil. Within a few weeks, he noticed a definite improvement in his sleep patterns, appetite and strength. At his next medical appointment, his doctor was amazed by the results. My cousin has been cancer free for nearly three months now. We are hoping that he has seen the last of the disease. For now, he is continuing to take THC oil and CBD oil. He no longer needs to do chemotherapy treatments. The cannabis has been a miracle cure for him.


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