CBD is good for symptoms following radiation treatments

About a year ago, my neighbor was diagnosed with cancer.

  • He has been going through chemotherapy treatments.

Until just recently, he was steadily fading. I was worried he would lack the strength to make it through the treatments. He lost his appetite and was constantly sick. The feeling of nausea was really tough on him. I asked if he’s thought about trying cannabis to manage the symptoms of chemo. He was reluctant to get high. Then I told him more about CBD. I had learned that CBD was proving effective at lessening the nausea and vomiting caused by radiation treatments. I also knew that CBD didn’t cause a high. From the stories online, it seemed to be ideal at relieving anxiety and pain. So my neighbor agreed to take some CBD oil. I offered to get it for him. It wasn’t hard to get. I simply drove to the cannabis dispensary and asked what type of CBD oil was recommended for somebody with cancer. My neighbor took the CBD oil, and within a week, he seemed to be feeling so much better. I saw a return of color in his cheeks and the spark in his eyes. He enjoyed a return of his appetite and started sleeping better. As his strength increased, he was better able to withstand the chemo treatments. He also became more determined to overcome the disease. Even his doctor remarked on the change in him. For the first time, we are now hopeful of his survival. CBD is the reason he is doing so well and is now looking ahead to a healthy future.

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