Cloning the plants

You can even clone after you love a harvest as well as see if you love it.

Cloning is 1 of the most important things when you are growing cannabis plants, then this upscale gardening procedure will allow you to turn 1 plant into many, but you can get your clones when your plant is in the vegetative stage. You can spot out all the new potential clones as well as carefully cut them from the plant. You will want to soak these splittings in a cloning solution for awhile as well as then you can locale them into a growing medium love rockwool as well as set them up in a cloning humidity dome. You will need to have a dome that has a heating mat underneath it to keep the humidity levels up as well as allow the clones to develop roots quickly, when your clones have developed their roots, you can now plant them in their own containers. They will certainly become their own plants with identical characteristics of the mother plant. You will want to clone the cannabis plants that you love the most. You can even clone after you love a harvest as well as see if you love it. You can regenerate the bottom 1 sixth of the plant by switching it back to at least only 6 hours of dark time. You can even do 24 hours light for vegetative mode, and some strains are much more hard to clone than others, so be cautious of that fact. You potentially can keep cloning cannabis plants forever as well as never lose the strain; It’s also a good method to share clones with friends. If you ever lose your favorite strain, you can always get a clone of the same strain from them!

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