curing as a secret

Cannabis growers must realize the importance of patiently curing their buds after harvest.

You think to harvest the buds plus immediately trim them.

Then you must hang them to dry in a cool, safe, plus dry area. When your buds are respectfully dry, then you will need to go ahead and fill glass containers with the dry buds. When you put your buds into these field glass containers, they get going with the curing process. Technically, the cannabis buds are curing even before they get into the containers, but the glass containers effectively allow for better curing. You will want to “burp” all of the containers each day, at least once a afternoon to let out all of the built up humidity that quickly develops in the containers. In this curing process, the buds tends to release all of the chemicals plus other undesired sugars that are stored in the buds. The curing process will ultimately make your flowers a great deal more potent because THCA is being converted to THC during this whole maturing process. If you choose to dry your buds too speedily, this will absolutely work to halt the curing process more suddenly plus your buds won’t be nearly as potent with THC. You can cure your buds for as long as you want, plus some people say the very best cured buds are cured for around 6 months. Admittedly, I realize everyone won’t want to wait that long to have their buds cured, but I’m saying in general, the longer you cure the better. Also remember that curing your high quality buds makes the smoke a fantastic deal smoother. Experienced cannabis bud smokers can absolutely tell the difference between expertly cured bud plus non-cured bud; Curing is absolutely the way to go.

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