Delivering cannabis is the best job I ever had

Being 33 years old and delivering pizzas for a living is not exactly something to brag about.

When I am out at the bar and talking to a young woman and she asks me what I do, I tell her I work in the restaurant business and leave it at that.

I work across town, so that I never have to deliver to my own neighborhood, and I always hate running into someone I know while I am on shift. I knew it was time for a change, but with no education or other work experience, it was hard to break out of this rut. Then medical marijuana became legal, followed a year later by legalized recreational use, and then the dispensaries came to town. Not only one cannabis dispensary to serve our medium sized town, but three different ones, and all three of them needed delivery drivers. All of a sudden I was fielding offers from different places, each one offering me a decent hourly wage (plus tips of course) to delivery cannabis products to local customers. All of a sudden my experience behind the wheel was paying off, and I secured a great job for the biggest cannabis dispensary in the area. As a delivery driver I am not allowed to use the product, and if I am ever caught using marijuana of any form while working I will be immediately fired. Lucky for me I never liked smoking cannabis, so I am always clear headed and able to get my job done quickly and efficiently every night.
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