Don't overlook the important things

I thought that I had everything ready for the opening of my cannabis dispensary.

I had all of my products and they were on the counter.

I had hired and trained my bartenders and they knew all of the products that I had and were planning on purchasing. It wasn’t until a month before I planned the opening, that I realized I had forgot to install a few ‘smaller’ items. I hadn’t created a website to advertising my online sales. There were no online brochures for people to shop from, even though I had delivery drivers hired. I did not have any business cards to hand out to my customers. I was walking around to see what else I was forgetting when I realized how empty the building sounded. That’s when it hit me that I had no music playing. There isn’t a respected pot head around who wanted to spend any time in a cannabis shop, if they didn’t have good sounds to keep them there. I had to have a sound system installed. I was talking to my bartenders and one of them asked me about the cash registers and when they would be delivered. I just stared at her like a deer caught in headlights. I had not ordered any kind of POS or cash registers. It didn’t matter how much inventory I had if I could track it and keep track of the sales. I wasn’t able to take credit cards or do my online service. I did all of this and more, in less than two weeks and I still opened my cannabis dispensary on time.

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