Don’t want addictive pills for anxiety help

I have an addictive personality.

Anytime I eat, drink or do something I like, I have to be careful.

I had a time in college that I loved gatorade. It became the only thing I drank and the sugar was messing up my teeth. I had a phase where I biked everywhere. Eventually it got where my hands were always in pain from gripping the handle bars. It is difficult for me to find something and do it in moderation. I also try to avoid anything that could be addictive. I don’t drink coffee, booze or smoke cigarettes. The issue is that I suffer from anxiety. Any pill that I can find or get prescribed to me is warned to be addictive. I know I would turn into a pill popper. It would become a daily thing that would go out of control. I have looked up online what people with anxiety do when they can’t take prescription pills. I found online that CBD oil can be used for those suffering with anxiety. The THC is removed, which is the addictive quality in the cannabis plant. I read online case studies of people suffering with anxiety trying CBD. The results were shocking and the thought of taking something from a plant seemed better. I feel like it would be a way more natural approach to solving my problems rather than popping a pill. My next step is that I am trying to find a cannabis dispensary that is nearby and that sells the oil that I want.


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