Growing maruijuna to make butter

My sister and I attended The Culinary Academy together, and we graduated in the same class.

My sister took a job working in a five-star hotel, and I took an executive chef job at a resort. Both of us worked really hard for a couple of years, but we didn’t really go anywhere. My sister was still working as a sous chef, and I wasn’t going anywhere either. My sister first came up with the idea of making marijuana edibles. I thought it was an insane idea at the time, but my sister was really excited. She read a lot of information, and she had a booklet filled with ideas and recipes. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of cannabis to make a small amount of cannabutter. When infusing butter or oil, it takes at least an ounce of cannabis flower buds. My sister and I knew it would be very expensive to make edibles with street product. We decided to contact a dispensary, so we could ask about wholesale prices. The dispensary hooked us up with a small marijuana farm that is about 75 miles from our home. My sister and I can buy large amounts of cannabis at wholesale prices. We infuse the cannabis into butter, coconut oil, and even vegetable oil. We use the infused cannabutter or oil to make a variety of recipes. We can also use cannabis to make drinks, wine, and beer. Now that my sister and I can experiment, we’re going to come up with some very tasty recipes. In a year or two, we should be able to open our very own cannabis restaurant.

Growing marijuana