I am shocked at all the mixed reactions with my new CBD products

Several years ago, I started making natural soaps.

All of the soaps are fragrance-free and dye-free, and they are made without any brutal chemicals or parabens.

Right now, I have 71 odd fragrances from the delicious scents like cinnamon and apples to the earthier scents like fresh pine and sandalwood… I decided to open a little shop when the sales went through the roof. I have had the soap shop open for about a year now, and we are open 5 days each week. I am basically always open on the weekend, when the market place is the busiest for the week. I recently made the choice to start offering CBD products. I found a company online that makes hand creams and lotions that are infused with CBD. I’m entirely pleased with the company and they have great reviews. I thought about the decision to add the CBD products to the store for a long while, before I even decided to purchase any inventory. I even tried the CBD hand lotion on my own, and I thought that it was marvelous with several great health benefits. The lotion is made from organic materials and everything is 100% vegan and critter cruelty free… As soon as I started displaying the CBD products inside of our store, I had all kinds of mixed reviews. I thought that most of the clients were generally favorable to adding CBD products to the inventory. It seems like the reactions were 50/50 for the most part, and that has me a little anxious. I want the store to continue growing, and that means adding more products and branching out more.



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