I didn't want a ban

It seems that the world of marijuana products has gone under very close scrutiny.

The states are beginning to choose sides on whether or not to legalized marijuana.

There seems to be as many states that want to ban marijuana as there are states that want to embrace the money that can be made from it. Being a cannabis dispensary owner can be a great business, since it is really beginning to expand. However, if you are thinking about opening a cannabis dispensary, there are some things that you need to consider. The most important thing you need is high quality products. You don’t want to pass off the pot brownies you made in your Easy Bake Oven, for high quality pot brownies. Always choose the best quality and make sure every product has undergone testing. The government wants lab testing done on every product so your customer can be assured of receiving untainted and top quality product. Once you know you have quality product for your store you need to have quality driven employees. It may seem smart to hire someone who is well versed in pot. They probably know every strain of pot that there is and they can tell you what they taste like and what they do. The question is, are they using the pot. If you are running a medical marijuana dispensary, it is not wise to hire a person who is going to come to work high. No matter how knowledgeable he may be, unless they have a medical marijuana card, it is illegal for them to have and use the marijuana product.


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