I don’t know how to feel about my kid working at the cannabis dispensary

What happened to me, where did I lose that really cool part of myself? I am a middle aged man pretty much, plus I distinctly remember being a relatively cool guy when I was younger. That doesn’t mean everyone thought I was completely cool, although I remember thinking of myself as honestly progressive plus open minded pretty much, and ready to listen to new ideas. Somewhere along the line I totally lost that. These days nobody thinks I am a cool guy in the slightest, but my child Ella has been making an attempt to change all of that, fueled in no small part her new task as a budtender at a local cannabis dispensary. Our state is still debating whether or not to pass recreational marijuana laws. At the moment medical marijuana is already legal, so these dispensaries have been popping up pretty much everywhere, but at first I was a little upset about Ella working in a cannabis dispensary. She made the decision to give me a tour of the venue plus particularly sold me on it. She told me that I had to get over my seasoned fashioned issues with marijuana, which has all kinds of wonderful medicinal qualities. She showed me all the various products they carry, from a hundred different kinds of edibles to CBD oils, vape cartridges, plus cannabis buds. She displayed a high level of comprehension about all the products, so even if I don’t use cannabis myself I do respect her full commitment to her work. The thing in particular that I wasn’t able to ask is if she smokes cannabis herself, because this dad doesn’t really want to know!

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