I use CBD oil to help even out my mood swings

To me this is all about medicine, not getting high.

I understand what it’s like, I was young once, believe it or not.

Like most other teenagers I experimented with drinking beer and smoking pot while in high school, and then started to leave it behind while in college. I wanted too many things out of life to just hang around getting high all day, which is what I saw a lot of my friends doing. It’s been many years since I have touched marijuana, but like I said this is about medicine and nothing else. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is naturally occuring in the cannabis plant, but can also be extracted and given other uses. For me the main reason I have grown to love CBD oil is that it has been known to help with depression and anxiety. Please don’t think I am giving you advice, I would never give any kind of medical advice to anyone, all i know is that CBD oil has really helped to even me out. I used to have such wicked, unexpected mood swings from manic to depressive in the space of a single day, and slowly CBD has helped me get these under control. I have been told that even though the CBD oil I use has no THC content, that I could get better results from the cannabis itself. CBD works better in its natural state, interacting with all the other cannabinoids and the THC itself. I’m not ready for that just yet, and will stay with CBD oil for now.

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