I would go mad at work without my cannabis

Working in an office, you know it is the worst.

I suppose I can’t complain too much because the pay is pretty nice, plus the bosses are pretty nice in general. But I had constantly said I would never take a work position that actually stuck myself and others in various cubicles plus had myself and others staring at freaking screens all afternoon. It’s not as though I wanted to be a dentist or a lawyer or anything wild like that, however the drudgery of office life seemed as though it would slowly destroy my zest for life. I wasn’t far off the mark with that exact prediction, plus sincerely if it wasn’t for large amounts of cannabis I would have long since gone insane. My basic routine starts with a cup of coffee, a bowl of oatmeal, plus then a good sized bowl of marijuana. Then I get dressed, drive to the office, plus hit a little CBD oil in my vape pen in the parking lot before I decide to go inside. The dose of THC keeps me remain chill through the afternoon, long enough to make it to actual dinner. I spend my regular breaks in my automobile every afternoon, working that CBD oil until I have gotten my chill on, plus then go in to finish up the afternoon… When I get back to my property I usually smoke a little more cannabis, however sometimes not. I only absolutely NEED to be high when I am dealing with work. At my place I use it more sporadically. I wish I would get cleared for medical marijuana, so my health insurance would entirely cover the cost for it.

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