I’ll be growing more pot very soon

I genuinely like going to local cannabis dispensaries; The thing is, I always wished that I could grow some nice quality cannabis at my home.

  • But I live in a small townhouse so there’s not all that much space.

One day, I was out talking to a budtender about my problem and the option of growing some cannabis in my apartment – even if it was just a single plant. That’s when he started telling me about grow cabinets; He said they were similar to grow tents except that they are a good deal smaller and even more discreet. He told me that I could actually fit a grow cupboard into a closet or any other small space in my house! Depending on the size of my plants, I could fit around 4 plants in it. That sounded perfect to me! I decided to look into these grow cabinets and that’s when I realized that I could actually fit one of them into my closet in my room. The cool thing is that these grow cabinets come equipped with all the essentials for growing pot, like a lighting system, growing mediums, PH adjusters, smell control, and even some fans. It’s basically like a marijuana growing kit in a box that you can get started with immediately as soon as you get it. So I decided to order my discrete grow cupboard as well as set it up right in my closet. I ended up picking up some clones of strains that I really enjoyed smoking and then I got started with my growing operation. I’m blessed that my favorite strains happen to be mostly indica. These grow short. I also had to flower my plants pretty quickly just because they grow so fast! I was really pleased with my first grow and I know that I’ll be growing some more soon.


Marijuana grow house