It turns out that a degree in science research was a perfect choice

Our son was a difficult teenager.

  • He was always getting into trouble at school and he was very rebellious when it came to our rules.

He fell in with a crowd we were not happy with so when he decided to go away to college we worried for his safety. We knew that he would be drinking and doing whatever else but we had no choice but to let him go. His first semester was tough but after that he seemed to grow up a lot and become a responsible student. When he told us he declared his major in scientific research we were happy. We then learned the reason behind it. His goal was to become a Master Grower at a marijuana farm. We should have known that this would be a possibility as he had smoked pot for years. Now, many states have made its use legal and the industry is booming. Even though we were disappointed in his reasons we had to admit he would probably be good at the job. As a Master Grower he told us he could earn a really good salary and be able to live on his own and pay all of his bills. This sounded good to us because we assumed he would move back home and live in the basement when he finished college. I have done some reading on marijuana farms and they seem to be a lucrative business. They hire many people who have degrees in various areas of science so they can continue to develop new products for both medical and recreational use.

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