Jelly Beans

I’ve been looking for fun things to put in an Easter basket for my husband.

I know, I know.

He’s an adult, and he doesn’t really need an Easter basket. But hear me out. His mom was never super nice to him when he was a kid and I feel like he missed out on lots of fun stuff, like getting an Easter basket in the spring! This year, I’m giving him a gift card for a hunting store, some peanut butter and chocolate eggs, new funny socks, and some other little things. Then yesterday, I was reading online and I saw that this one candy company has started producing cannabis jelly beans! Well, my husband loves jelly beans. But if there’s one thing on earth that my husband loves more than chewy, delicious jelly beans, it’s cannabis. Haha! I know that probably sounds terrible, but see, my husband uses cannabis and cannabis oil to help relieve him of his terrible anxiety issues. Cannabis has really helped him deal with his anxiety over the past few years, and so cannabis infused jelly beans are actually going to be the perfect addition to his Easter basket. I’m pretty excited to order cannabis jelly beans! Who would have ever thought that cannabis candy would be sold out on the open market! I’m very glad that people are starting to see the health benefits of cannabis. Even though my husband and I have known about the benefits of cannabis for years, it seems like the positive effects are finally making their way into the mainstream market.


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