learning the trade

When recreational Cannabis was first legalized in our state, I was really ecstatic with the great news.

I went to the Cannabis Dispensaries in the section of the country where I visited as well as found a lot of strains as well as accessories and Cannabis products that were fantastic.

The thing is, I realized quickly I didn’t have enough cash to afford all of these fantastic Cannabis products, so I knew I needed to do something about that. I realized soon that in order to save a great deal of cash on Cannabis flowers, I probably would have to grow my own. Thankfully, the new legalization laws allowed us to effectively raise our own Cannabis plants inside our homes; You couldn’t just have them sitting right out in the open unless they were under lock as well as key! So I decided to take that advice and set up a nice little grow room inside my home. I wanted to do my best and keep everything private so I made sure to have stink control. I had several whole-condo air purifiers as well as I also had a really nice charcoal filter installed that I used with an exhaust fan. I found that the extra charcoal air filter was especially nice at getting rid of all the distinctive stink that came from the Cannabis plants. Now having been growing Cannabis on my own for a little while, I have l gained so many things! Even when I first set out and started growing Cannabis, I still was able to get a fairly enjoyable crop each time, however the potency wasn’t so great as well as even the distinctive aroma wasn’t all that great either because I didn’t dry my buds correctly or for long enough. Now I know better!


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