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I was really excited when I found out that our state legalized marijuana.

I had been talking about getting my own business, since I was kid.

I knew I was going to to open a cannabis dispensary. I had some people tell me that I should be getting into the marijuana business, but I think it will be great. I mean, I already got my license and I have picked out where I am going to put it. I have looked at several cannabis dispensary businesses and I want to become a niche. I want to specialize in cannabis oils. I have enjoy pot brownies from time to time, but ultimately, I come back to the concentrates. I believe I could end up with a great business by just offering the many different marijuana strains in oil form. I took the budtender course online and I went through several online training for cannabis dispensary. I got a lot of ideas from the videos they showed. I found out that it could be very important to your cannabis dispensary business, to offer delivery to your customers. I know that if I have delivery for my cannabis products, I will be able to reach customers that may not be able to get into a dispensary. I learned about some of the more unusual strains of marijuana. They talked a lot about OG Kush and I am glad I chose to offer this in my dispensary. Along with learning how to hire and train my bartenders, I think I am equipped with enough information to be able to run a good cannabis dispensary and also make some money.


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