Medical and dental benefits are a great reason to accept the offer

For more than 2 weeks, my boss has been promising me a promotion. I believe she was easily putting me off until the last weekend when she actually made good on all of those promises. For 3 years, I have had the position of night supervisor for a tied up cannabis dispensary. Upon taking over the supervisor position, I immediately asked for benefits plus a significant raise. The boss told myself that there was no more currency, and only upper management officials have benefits. I was seemingly bummed out, though some extra currency was a great help. When my own boss begin to discuss a new current position, I was not going to get excited. I knew those things take weeks or more. I was easily surprised when my own boss presented me with a salary position last week. One great reason is a steady increase in our sales over the past month. I have a great deal of cannabis sales on the third shift. As the title for assistant supervisor, now I will be able to hire plus fire many people at my own will. I will also be able to receive some bonuses for work costs plus sales. I have a salary now instead of hourly wages, plus my spouse plus my children and myself are all eligible to get dental, medical, plus even vision benefits. Since our ten-year-old child needs some braces, I am more than excited about the fact that dental insurance will cover many of those costs. Ortho visits can be significant amounts of money.


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