Might change from growing oranges to pot

My family has grown oranges for multiple generations.

Everyone in the family had gone to highschool and gotten a diploma.

They then immediately go out to the orchard and begin working. In my family you grow and harvest oranges until retirement. The world is changing now and there are other things to grow. Thankfully I have not bought my own orchard, just a plot of land. I could easily set up my orange trees and follow the usual path. I am sort of thinking about growing marijuana though. My whole family is in the growing business, why can’t I try pot rather than fruit? There are some similarities when it comes to it. You need the right temperature, humidity and conditions. Marijuana is a lot more particular when it comes to nutrients, lights, heating and cooling. I have looked around online and I found that I could get a cannabox container. I can get a container for each stage of the growing process. One would have all the necessary equipment for the vegetative stage. One then would have everything all set for flowering. The last would be a cannabox container dedicated to the curing of the product. The cannabox company is all experienced growers. They help you set up the lights, HVAC and marijuana facility design. I can do it all online and then have it shipped. I already have the money I was going to spend on a new orchard. How about instead I go into the marijuana growing field? It just seems so easy to get into that path.

Growing facility design