My daughter was suffering with deep depression

For the longest time I had watched my daughter suffer with manic depression.

Her mood swings were not just hard on everyone around her, but they were horrible for her.

She knew what she was doing but she couldn’t stop it from happening. I heard the words come out of her mouth and I couldn’t believe it. When I found out she was cutting herself and contemplating suicide, I had enough. I called her doctor and told him the antidepressants and other psychotic treatments were only making her worse. We went in for a discussion and he said we could try CBD for the depression. I always thought that CBD was only for pain, but I was wrong. He told her to get CBD oil because it is absorbed more quickly when held under her tongue. She was also able to take CBD capsules in between. It seemed to be a large amount of CBD that she was using, but it was still less medication than she had been using. After a couple of days using the CBD oil, she seemed to be feeling much better. After two weeks of using the CBD oil in conjunction with just her antidepressant and the CBD capsules, I saw a big difference in her moods. She was more like the happy young girl I knew from years ago. I don’t know if this will last, but the CBD has given her a different attitude and she is enjoying life for the first time in years. I really hope the CBD keeps working for her.

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