Online training for cannabis

Legalization of marijuana was a huge deal here! So many people thought this was a critical law for us to pass, as I have researched all the benefits of medical marijuana and seen the evidence myself. Different strains of cannabis helps different people with all kinds of health issues, and I found the business behind the marijuana industry was absolutely fascinating. I wanted to work in a dispensary at this point, so during school I applied to be a local budtender – I didn’t expect to get the job! To be fair, I didn’t. After months & months of being persistent and applying, it finally paid off! I was expecting the job search to take longer, but I was planning to graduate school and then work in a cannabis dispensary. I was not going to say no to the dream job though! The dispensary owner told me that his entire staff had undergone dispensary sales training, as well as cannabis products training – I wasn’t going to be an exception! I needed to get my cannabis education, which admittedly had me anxious. I would need to dropout of school in order to get more education in the field! Thankfully the cannabis education training center that my company goes through does online training, which was a major convenience for me. I was able to do dispensary sales training, along with cannabis products training, right from my computer in my dorm! I could still take on all of my classes, and live on campus while studying more about cannabis. I coordinated with a few of my fellow workers as well, and all of us did online dispensary team training as a group. It was an amazing experience!

online marijuana sales training