Original Gangster Kush is always on point

Original Gangster kush or OG Kush is one marijuana strain that has been introduced in the region of Southern places.

OG Kush is really an Indica strain that is dominant.

The OG Kush strain is actually potent + typically known to measure THC levels at 25%. OG Kush is typically yellow plus orange with broad leaves, plus the green buds are usually Dance plus the thick. This brand of kush has a very distinct smell plus taste. The smoking form is known to induce some coughing, plus many others will claim OG Kush to have their eyes water up. This type of plant can be grown outside or indoors. OG Kush is harvested after only 8 weeks, plus it can yield many pounds per plant. There are bizarre reasons why a respected marijuana user would choose this OG Kush. It’s quite appealing for insomnia plus occasional pain relief. I have typically been a person to struggle with insomnia. Occasionally, I sleep 4 hours or several before feeling Wide Awake. That is certainly destructive for working a proper 9 to several tasks. I usually tried some melatonin plus other sleep aids. My doctor prescribed some pills, but they either don’t work or put me right into a coma. Some folks have easily told me to try marijuana, but I was easily afraid of the life impact. Of course now that marijuana is legal for recreational and medical purposes, every one of us are trying different ways to see if it will help us sleep better all night long.

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