Switch to CBD

My friend Cathy has had so many surgeries over the past few years that I’ve lost count.

She always has these really weird things happen to her – like breaking her ankle walking down the stairs or breaking her elbow coming around the corner and hitting it on a doorknob.

It’s like she really clumsy, except it’s not really clumsy stuff that she does. She just hurts herself a lot and I actually felt sorry for her because it was such crazy stuff! Plus she’s had to be in and out of surgery and hospitals a lot over the past couple of years. Anyway, she was on all kinds of medications and drugs and she really hated taking all of that stuff. She started doing some research on the effects of cannabis and medical marijuana, even though that sort of thing isn’t very popular around her in the area where we live. Well, Cathy is one of those people who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, and so she ordered some CBD oil to start putting on her surgery site and the scars on her ankle and elbow. She said she could tell a difference right away, so then she ordered some CBD capsules and started to take them internally on a regular basis. Now, Cathy is totally sold on the benefits of CBD oil and medical marijuana. She’s decided to become a distributor for CBD oil and she’s even thinking of opening a marijuana dispensary here in our area! I can’t believe how much CBD has helped her. She’s now off all of her other pain medications and she looks and feels great.

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