The local dispensary

My local cannabis dispensary just got some current strains in and I can’t wait to go check them out soon.

I am regularly on the lookout for current marijuana products and I run a blog dedicated to various strains… The blog has become my full time job because so many people are interested in all the reviews.

I talk a lot about edibles and CBD, mostly educational information with a little bit of opinion. Just the other day I tried a current strain, OG kush, and I couldn’t actually believe how amazing it was. Right after I vaped it, I felt an instant relief come over my body. There are particular marijuana strains that supply me with severe anxiety, however this one in particular made me feel especially happy. I wrote a review about it and had a couple of commenters tell me I should look into girl scout cookies. I looked into the strain and it looks rather enticing. I am going to check if our local marijuana delivery service carries it so I can test it out. The best part about running my blog is the free samples I always get. The other month I came back to my beach household to a package of pot brownies standing right on my front step! I ate a few too many and then sank into my couch for the evening. There are times when I will use a little too much marijuana, however nothing disappointing ever happens. The worst thing that comes from too much marijuana is a great deal of sleep. Since my blog is taking off so well I have considered opening my own mini marijuana dispensary, but I will have to see how the local laws are.


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