The many options of taking cannabis

The first time I visited a cannabis dispensary, I was amazed by the many methods of consumption.

The delivery system is really important.

The mental and physical good points of cannabis are largely affected by how it’s taken. Each system provides a particular experience and effects. Before I began shopping daily at my local dispensary I was only aware of the most basic consumption methods, such as inhalation, oral and topical. But, within those methods there are multiple ways that make a huge difference. For inhalation methods there is smoke and vaporization. For smoking, there’s a lot of devices to choose from. You can pick to use a bong, hand pipe, water pipe, rolling papers or hookahs. My local dispensary carries an impressive range of hand pipes that are small, portable and even quite pretty to look at. I was more interested in the vaporizers because of the health points. A vaporizer heats the product to a temperature that is high enough to extract THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. However, the temperatures are too small for harmful toxins to be released while in the smoking process. There’s also less of an odor. Vaporizers accommodate the use of cannabis concentrates that are available in forms such as oil and wax, but dabbing is a form of vaporization where vapor is trapped in a glass ball and inhaled. My local dispensary offers a dab bar that is a convenient arena to relax and meet people who also like to smoke as well. They also include an array of oral delivery methods, which does include tinctures, ingestible oils and infused foods and drinks.


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