There’s no greater job than delivering cannabis

Being an old guy and delivering pizzas for a living is not even something to brag about.

When I am out at the bar and talking to a young person and she asks me what I do, I tell her I pretty much work in the restaurant corporation and leave it at that… I actually have a job across town, so that I never have to supply to our own town.

I certainly never enjoy running into someone I know while I am on shift. I knew it was time for a change, however with no education or other job experience, it was a challenge to break out of this rut. Then medical marijuana became legal, followed a year later by legalized recreational use, and then the dispensaries easily came to town. Not only one cannabis dispensary to serve our medium sized area, however a bunch of different ones. It was a good thing because all of them needed delivery drivers! Suddenly I was fielding offers from odd arenas, each one offering me a superb hourly wage (plus tips of course) to easily deliver cannabis products to local customers. My experience behind the wheel was finally paying off, and I secured a pretty nice job for the greatest cannabis dispensary in the area. As a delivery driver I am not supposed to use the product, and if I am ever caught using marijuana of any form while on the job I will be instantly fired! Lucky for me I never cared for smoking cannabis, so I am constantly clear headed and able to get my job done relatively fast and efficiently every night.


Cannabis delivery