This isn’t your ordinary dispensary

I have worked at a good amount of cannabis dispensaries, however the past dispensaries I worked in were not that classy, but it was a lot like a gas station. The customer would walk in, pick up what they wanted off the shelves as well as money out with me. It was prefer being a monetier at a grocery store only a lot less complicated. I try to not give recommendations, uneasy about sales or entirely talked to the purchasers. Calling myself a budtender was not right. I was just a regular worker. I eventually got hired at a real dispensary with tons of products as well as a vape lounge. Every single budtender in the dispensary had undergone cannabis education though, but as a team they went to budtender training, figuring out exactly how to sell to purchasers. They also did cannabis products training so that they knew what product was right for what customer. They also did cannabis sales training in order to learn how to transport products in higher quantities. It was very overwhelming just strolling into that situation. I was the uniformed new guy, then since everybody had already taken their cannabis courses, I had to do them myself. I never wanted to be the one lone girl in the cannabis training courses. So the thing that I did was take all the courses online. I was able to do online budtender training, online sales training and also online cannabis products training. I assume I got just as good of an education. I also did not have to leave our apartment as well as take our time for every single step of the course.


Marijuana Training