Training on cannabis products

Having been working in the cannabis industry for over 4 years, I have had all the necessary cannabis products training.

Marijuana training is a couple of weeks long, but once it’s done, I went to work as a budtender.

I knew my stuff pretty well, though being a sales rep just wasn’t my forte. I could tell a shopper all about the cannabis products, but for some reason I never could close a sale. I had no idea why! I think new folks were overwhelmed by my expertise, so I could not get them interested in current products. The dispensary owner then explained how I needed sales training for cannabis products! I had to learn how to appropriately sell the products, without scaring off the customers – something I didn’t realize I was doing. I was so thankful that I did my training with the same cannabis education company! They were amazing with the marijuana sales education. With a thorough process on how to incorporate my knowledge, while also building a connection with the customer, I became a better salesman. The whole focus was to get the shopper to feel comfortable, and me railing on and on with information doesn’t prove a thing. What do they need or want from our dispensary? What is the right product to suit them? These are the tidbits of information that I need to be able to provide. After getting dispensary sales education, I feel so much more confident in my skills! Now, I believe I actually know what products would work best for people, now I believe how to get those customers to take myself and others up on my advice.
dispensary staff education