Two Strains at a Glance

There are many who are still not researched on cannabis or its benefits.

  • They may be shocked to learn that the plant has more than one strain.

Although they are both cannabis, they differ completely in appearance, biology, and all the different ways they can help a user. Sativa is very tall and thin, and its leaves are narrow. Indica looks more like a bush, short and lush with wide leaves. Neither plant looks anything like the other, color included. Sativa is a much lighter green than Indica is. Indica’s yield is much higher than that of Sativa’s. Sativa needs more time and light than the other strain. Sativa is higher in THC and lower in CBD, which is the exact opposite chemical makeup of Indica. Indica is mainly used for mental and muscular relaxation. Sativa is used to ward off anxiety and depression. Indica helps to control acute pain and nausea and increases appetite. Sativa controls chronic pain and increases focus and creativity. Each plant has an effect on hormones as well. Indica increases dopamine, which affects the rewarding sensors of the brain. Sativa affects serotonin, which helps with anxiety, learning, mood, sleep, and hunger. Indica is more effective for nighttime use, and Sativa can be found more effective during the day. Both strains can help a lot of different patients. It is beneficial, for those who have certain medical issues, to really look into the different strains of cannabis. I personally use both, and I have never been happier.


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