We think our kid will do well working with cannabis

Our child was a rather difficult teenager. She was always getting into trouble at school & she was genuinely rebellious when it came to our rules. She fell in with a crowd the two of us were not pleased with so when she chose to go away to college the two of us concerned for her safety. We definitely knew that she would be drinking & doing whatever else but the two of us had no choice but to let her go. Her first fall semester was strenuous but after that she seemed to grow up a great deal & became a responsible student. When she told us she declared her major in scientific research the two of us were thrilled about this. We came to learn the reason behind it though. Her goal was to become a Master Grower at a cannabis farm. We honestly should have known that this would be an option as she had smoked pot for numerous years. Now, several states have made its use legal & the industry is completely booming. Even though the two of us were severely disappointed in her reasons the two of us had to admit she would easily be great at the job. As a Master Grower she told us she could gain a fantastic salary & be able to reside on her own & pay all of her bills. This sounded entirely fantastic to us because the two of us assumed she would transfer back to our household & live in the basement when she finished college. I have done some studying on marijuana farms & they seem to be a very lucrative business. They hire all kinds of people who have degrees in several areas so they can continue to develop new products for both medical & recreational use.

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