Worms are destroying my cannabis plants

My partner in addition to myself have a cannabis prescription.

My partner has more PTSD, in addition to the fact that I have anxiety in addition to stress not easily controlled by over-the-counter medications.

Within our state, our prescription allows each of us to have at least eight plants. Between my partner in addition to myself, that’s a small round house. My partner in addition to myself really have to plant this many cannabis flowers, but there are times when we have six or maybe even eight growing at a single time. Both of us the wall near the city, but both of us built a nice grow box on our house. The grow box seems situated inside a wonderful area in addition to the fact that the grow box also receives natural sunlight. My partner in addition to myself made this grow box out of ancient pallets. We also purchased feed in addition to special soil online. Both of us planted several seeds on the holiday in addition to they look terribly awful. The plants normally are sizable in addition to Lush now, but these plants look saggy and addition to Droopy. Yesterday, I even saw tiny worms on cannabis plants. I researched many of these worms but did not find any real information. I strangely wonder if this batch will already be doomed. Hopefully some cannabis friends at the dispensary will be able to offer some help with this strange anomaly. If these things happened to be spider mites, my whole batch is probably doomed from the beginning.



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